IEEE Hong Kong 6G Wireless Summit
13–14 September 2023 // Hong Kong, China

Poster Information

Poster Session One (10:00 - 10:30, Wednesday, 13 September)

Author Title

 Chongyun Zhang, HKUST

High-Speed PAM-4 Optical Link for Short-Reach Interconnection

Zilu Liu, HKUST

Millimeter-Wave Phased-Array System for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer

Zhiyan Liu, HKU

Over-the-Air View-Pooling for Low-Latency Distributed Sensing

Qunsong Zeng, HKU

Realizing In-Memory Baseband Processing for Ultra-Fast and Energy-Efficient 6G

Xinran Li, HKUST

AC2C: Adaptively Controlled Two-Hop Communication for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

Jiawei Shao, HKUST

EdgeGPT: GPT-Empowered Autonomous Edge Inference

Chengyu Xia, HKUST

Bayesian Model Compression for Communication and Computation Efficient Federated Learning

Wenchao Xu, PolyU

Fast Packet Loss Inferring Over Tiny Wireless Device

Ning Li, PolyU

Peak AoI Minimization at Wireless-Powered Network Edge: From the Perspective of Both Charging and Transmitting

Qingyong Hu, HKUST

CSI-StripeFormer: Exploiting Stripe Features for CSI Compression in Massive MIMO System

Meng Xue, HKUST

SDE: Early Screening for Dry Eye Disease with Wireless Signals

Poster Session Two (15:00 - 15:30, Wednesday, 13 September)

Author Title

 Wentao Yu, HKUST

Fixed Point Networks: Adaptive and Robust Deep Learning for THz Ultra-Massive MIMO Channel Estimation

Ruoxiao Cao, HKUST

Variational Newtonized Near-Field Channel Estimation for ELAA Systems

Lumin Liu, HKUST

Federated Learning Meets Wireless Communication: Communication, Utility, and Privacy

Ziyi Xu, CUHK

SAMBA: Scenario-Adaptive Meta-learning for mmWave Beam Alignment

Chang Cai, CUHK

Multi-Device Task-Oriented Communication via Maximal Coding Rate Reduction

Zan Li,  HKUST

A Real-Time Radio Tomographic Indoor Imaging System using Inverse Scattering

Frankie Chiu, HKUST

An Ambient RF Powered Wireless Sensor System

Junhui Rao, HKUST

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface with Wide-Angle Passive Beamforming for Future Wireless Communication Systems

Chengyu Xia, HKUST

Multi-resolution Model Compression for Deep Neural Networks: A Variational Bayesian Approach

Linping Qu, HKUST

Energy-Efficient Channel Decoder for Federated Learning

Syed Mohsin Abbas, HKUST

Step-GRAND: A Low Latency Universal Soft-input Decoder


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